A Bridge Over a Troubled Troll.

So having successfully fought off the first wave of assailants the group, under direction from Culhwch managed to heave open the now unpowered doors just wide enough to escape. They slammed shut behind them. On the other side they were met by a score of Half-brothers who were awed by the newly awoken Ascendant and largely ignored Lurk, casting glances his way but quickly looking away again. On the way back down the mountain Lurk approached each in turn and thanked them for their help, giving a pat on the back that seemed to release something inside their bodies so that they felt more whole than they ever had, as if a missing piece they had not even known was missing had been put back. Lurk then stepped off the path and vanished saying he had matters to attend to, which left the party dumbstruck as to what he could possibly need sorting after 5000 years.

Back at the the Baron’s longhall they were received by Cei’s sons who fell to one knee before the legendary figure. All Culhwch’s annimosity toward the Baron had seemingly vanished and he placed the stone that must have been the power source keeping the curse at bay on the man’s chest where it began to glow and quickly was absorbed. They were told to take a rest and come back in the morning as the healing process would take a while.

The party spent some time in the temporary pub in the army encampment and enjoyed some new local specialty Dragons Fury. In the morning they returned to the hall and found the Baron and Culhwch laughing over some joke and sitting eating. The Baron still looked weak but in a good humour and recognizing Anyssa invited them all the feast with him. They left his company some hours later with agreements to their rewards. Some recieved training in rituals or alchemy from the local mage and money, while Olgard took some armour and weapons from the armoury as well as a knighthood. Some also began learning the languages of their party members as communication had been a rather disjointed affair thus far with only the pidgin of the trading tongue common between them all.

The descidion was made to travel to Urad to get their awarded money from the banks there. On the way they passed through a small village called Stonesthrow where they managed to cure a troll of his drinking problem and repair the bridge after killing the small detatchment of Urad soldiers that had killed the creature’s wife. They found that the soldiers had killed two men one of who was a messenger from the Baron bearing a letter for magistrates in Urad asking for continued military support come the spring. As the party continued on the air became colder as winter fast approached.

Arriving in Urad they set about shopping and delivered the letter to the magistrate. The next several days were spent looking for the magic shop and eventually it was found. Inside the same crazy old man with his silver topped cane greeted them and offered each tempting items of varying potency. Baltry was able to discern that the lunatic was Iscaraal and the party were given some perhaps hints, perhaps wild raving about various topics. In the end he took them for all they were worth and it is still to be seen whether the trade will be worth the expense, especially in the case of Olgard who had no funds and so was forced to offer a future favour in return for the bastard sword he craved.

Exp: 500
Loot: Yet to be seen! Heh. Heh. MUAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :P



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