A Rumour of Fire

After exiting the magic shop debating the wisdom of their purchases from the crazed oldtimer the party heard screams. Investigating they began a lengthy chase of the assailant who turned out the be the Butcherman. Along the way they were seperated and it ended up that Kel arrived on the scene first and was quickly left bleeding out on the ground. The rest of the party managed to catch up and forced the mysterious naked figure to flee.

Over the next few days they investigated the message in Baltyr’s book on the High King. still debating whether to wait for spring or set out immediatley for the North they decided to look into the rumours of villages being burned. They were able to get the city council and assembly to agree to fund such efforts with a large reward.

On the way they went trough a Gnoll road block, paying a fee and later stealing it and more back. An old man by the side of theroad took lunch with them and gave them a vial. After two weeks of travel they arrived at the smouldering ruins of the first of the three villages. In what used to be the village common they found a large pyre of blackened corpses. Investigation found tracks of a large group moving to the North-West.

Exp: 600
Loot: A sack full of Gnoll gold, a doll, and flint and steel. A vial.



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