The Otrenan finds himself in a dark forest, a half moon in the sky. Behind him he hears the hoot of an owl. Silently it glides over him and sembles into a beautiful woman with midnight hair dressed in robes of purple and silver. She introduces herself as Yuxohlmadre. She claims to have rescued him from the machinations of another, at which point he hears a howl of frustration and anger from somewhere in the night. She will return the warrior to the world as she sees a destiny awaiting. Some time later he sits up in a tent filled with bodies.

The elf appears in a desolate wasteland, where not even a breeze moves the air. A wisp appears before him and becomes an alien looking woman who the elf recognizes from his racial memory to be an air elemental. She tells him that he can not join them yet and angrily sends him back. He awakes in a tent.

After looting the battlefield the party checks in on the Baron, who has been brought to his manor, now in his human form. The bodyguards let them in as they were summoned by the sons. They are led to the master bedroom where the still form of the Baron lies under blankets, tended to by healing women. The sons introduce themselves and inform the party that they are needed to help bring their father back from the place he now resided between life and death. They need to enter the ancient city under the mountain and wake the sleeping Culhwch who is apparently the only one who might do for the task. They are told he was locked within the city by the Baron after a disagreement the specifics of which the sons do not know as it was before their time. They are permitted to take along whomever they wish as they are not sure how dangerous the place may be. The Swan Knight and his companions volunteer as a point of honour out of respect for a might warrior, and Waigne and Marcus agree as well.

They set off the next day with an escort of four ‘Half-brothers’ as the sons name them (mysterious figures who never reveal their features and rarely speak. They enter the tower they had defended the previous day and find a large hole in the floor and a passage leading down rough-hewn steps that emerge onto a cobbled highway. As they continue they come across the signs of battle and find the bodies of eight men who they recognize as accompanying the mage. They reach the gates after a time. It rises up into the darkness and bears a number of blast marks. A half-brother takes out a pink gem and tosses it up into the darkness where it disappears. A glow begins second later and the earth shakes as the gates slowly rumble open, revealing a ruined city beyond. The half-brothers say they will be back in three days to pick them up and them depart, the gates closing behind them.

The party creeps its way along the road and examine a few buildings. The Otrenan sees that the buildings here bear similarities to the bridge over Dragon’s Fall in their construction. Torches light the main street and a few side streets. Most buildings have caved in roofs or demolished walls. Carts and piles of bones lie where they fell. As they continue they hear a set of heavy footsteps approaching. The rangers hide and the knights stand in the centre of the street as a massive statue comes from a side street. It hails them and asks their buisiness after which it gives a bunch of prophetic and generally unhelpful hints at various things it can sense about them such as the Otrenan being the slave to a mistress, the elf he calls Herald, and the seh-elf is informed to beware of shadows within the city and without. As it leaves it reminds them that “the ice melts”. Soon after they find an ancient shop front with a still sealed amphora which the Otrenan opens and fills his flask with followed by a taste. He manages to mumble something incoherent as he falls face-first into the cobbles and begins to snore.

Exp: 400
Loot: Flask of honey, Suit of very ellaborate armour, a pavillion, and a boar tusk helm taken from Ser Roger. Bunch of masterwork weapons, some gold, 2 potions, some paints.



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