Fire and Water

The party followed the tracks leading from the village and came across two guards on the road who proceeded to tell them to go around as the village was off limits. They managed to talk their way in to having an audience with the leaders of the force in the village. An older man in distinquished clothes introduced himself as Pelagius and was accompanied by a man in knightly vestments whom he introduced as Alexius, Knight Commander in the Order of Sacred Flame, a martial organization dedicated to Caelon Tir. Their purpose in the village was to try and punish the villagers for their crimes against the neighbouring settlements in violation of the agreements they made with Caelon Tir 200 years ago for his protection. The villagers, under the effect of a zone of truth placed by the accompanying monk, all admitted to attacking, enslaving, and commiting other crimes against the nearby Gnoll villages. The group attempted to enter questions to find the source of what seemed like madness but the answers only created more questions, as the killings began a few months ago in conjunction with the beginning of nightmares. The influence of one of the gods seemed likely to the party, most likely Mackret, though no definitive proof was discovered. They managed to convince Pelagius to commune with his god to ask for more time before due processing of the guilty was carried out. While he did this the party rested as night had fallen. Around 1am the village was attacked by villagers with madness in their eyes and those kept in the coral in the village escaped. A brief fight ensued with the 30-odd soldiers and party members defended themselves versus close to 200 crazed villagers. A copse of trees and some houses were set ablaze during the fight and with the outcome a descision was made to execute the survivors post haste. The party managed to plee for the release of the 5 surviving children into their custody on behalf of Urad and gained an honour guard to Urad to deliver them to the authorities there. On the way back they met the old man again and gave him a ride.

For the next few months while waiting for a ship in the spring the party parted ways. The Baro began work at the alchemy shop, Baltyr began studying languages and performing rites at his god’s temple, Anyssa and Kal ventured into the woods and mountains in search of an elk, and Olgard returned to the valley and officially became the First Sword of Cuhlwch.

Two months later they reunited in Urad and booked passage on a merchant vessel making it’s way North. Three weeks into their journey, after several brief stops, they were caught by pirates who took a few valuable items but mostly mundane things like timbers and rope. The pirates turned out to be a race of fearsome swordsmen that set the crew cringing with every cat-like movement. They are called the Seguleh are feared throughout the southern oceans, but that they were so far north was a bit odd. One of the passengers on the ship unknowningly challenged one of the seven pirates by maintaining eye contact and was attacked by the lowest ranking pirate. The encounter lasted all of 12 seconds but the man was able to kill the masked youth after a fierce echange that Olgard considered perhaps beyond all but himself and perhaps Anyssa. The next in line looked for a challenge but was refused. The man took the proferred mask but threw it overboard upon their departure in confused disgust.

Exp: 700
Loot: 1000gp, list of alchemical plants, an elk.



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