Having driven off the black dragon the group set out to explore the seven other floors of the library. They found a bunch of book of various shapes and sizes on the various floors until they came to the 5th floor they could go no further due to a large locked door. After several attempts to pick the lock, break it down, and take out the pins they gave up and destroyed the whole level in seach of buttons that turned out to open the glass circle in the centre of the floor but not the door.

They ventured back out into the heavy darkness and after a while realised they had again gone the wrong way. Luckily they were able to correct their course before getting too far and ended up in front of the palace about an hour later. There they came upon a battle being fought between two groups of undead. They managed to skirt the conflict relatively unscathed and entered the palace and Anyssa (the she-elf) lead them straight to the secret dungeons and the mysterious prisoner.

The man was pale and gaunt, wearing rags. When asked the man revealed his name to be Lurk and demonstrated his ability for language by being able to speak to each member of the group in their native tongue. Baltyr played on Lurk’s desperation and his own knowledge of religious practices to draw up a binding contract with the power of the Elder gods, using blood. Lurk, annoyed at being forced to such a degrading act, signed and told Baltyr how to free him. This was done by laying blood on the door and saying some words that no one could understand. Free for the first time in 5000 years he kept his end of the bargain by providing much needed light and guiding the party toward the gates.

Crossing the park they ran into a large group of skeletons and drowners who rushed them from the trees and lake. A grueling battle took place that brought low two of the party before the end. Luckily they were quickly revived. Quickly escaping the park they rested in a delapidated house and stealthily continued. Passing the armoury they heard hammering and sounds of battle from the other side but decided to avoid whatever was causing the ruckus.

Some time later they arrived at the gates finally and decided to create a barricade out of the abandoned ancient carts. They took turns to rest but were interupted by a swarm of undead rushing at the gates. Lurk revealed himself to be a powerful caster of some sort and Culhwch arrived just in time to slay the returned black dragon. With the ancient hero now returned will they be able to finally escape the darkness of the curse?

Exp: 1000 (There seems to have been a degree of confusion over whether this was total so far or added to last session. Answer: You add them, so you should have 1500exp now.)
Loot: Books, books, and more books!



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