Part 3+4: Let Battle Commence!

The characters were tasked with commanding elements of the defence forces. The Otrenan took a unit of greataxe wielding heavies, the she-elf was backed by her fellow clansmen, and the elf decided to use hit and run tactics with some archers. The heavies were driven back after an initial rush and were gradually pulled down to the last few men before the enemy withdrew. The she-elf’s forces fared far better early on, mincing a unit of regulars but then began falling quickly due to exhaustion after killing so many foes. The elf and his archers rained death upon the flanks and rear of the enemy from across the river and made the marshy area bordering the river a quagmire of bodies and blood. The Afon forces held, which can be see nas a victory of sorts.

After reporting to the Baron once more the group was tasked with keeping watch over the battlefield and signalling troop movements from the northern tower. They and 15 men (4 heavies, 4 medium, 5 archers, Marcus, and Waigne) trudged the 3 hour climb to the tower and set about directing troops over the next day of fighting. By their directions the Afon was held for another morning though no desicive actions or pushes were made by either side and fighting continues into the afternoon. During a lull in the fighting the tower was attacked by a force of 25 men led by a mountain of a man. Marcus put up a solid defence but was not on form as he had been against the wizards and was quickly made unconcious. Waigne, again, was not on form and failed to kill a single foe with his characteristic flair and efficiency. The she-elf took down a number of foes but then fell victim to a twisted ankle. The fight ended when an archer in the nest shot the monstrous man in the back while fighting the Otrenan. They managed to heal 2 men leaving their forces at 3 heavies, 2 medium, and 4 archers. They tied up the giant and searched him for information of which there was very little apart from a medaillion depicting a talon within a circle with an inscription around its edge.

About 20 minutes later one of the guards raised the alarm when he spotted a group of 10 barges travelling down the river carrying thousands more men to the battle under the banner of the Byley family. While the garriosn watched from the ramparts, behind them in the bailey a thunderous noise shook the air and they turned to see the wizard from the skin tent along with several men now occupying the fort. The Otrenan, with his new greatsword, waved menacingly and frightened a few of the men but the wizard simply laughed it off and ignored him. Spotting the giant tied up in the corner he turn his attention on him and blasted the man to dust for failing in his task of securing the fort. The fight continues next time…

Exp Lvl 4s get 500+978; lvl 3 get 500+1017 (500 from session before)
Loot: Adamantine greatsword, mastrwrk fullplate, medallion, 100gp, various standard sets of equipment (chainmail, leather, swords of various descriptions, lots of rope, shields)
Next game tentatively set for monday next week.



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