Part 5: Collateral Damage

Finding themselves facing a wizard of fearsome reputation the party chose discretion as the better part of valour and left the mage and his cohort to whatever was in the tower, while they took their unconscious members and escaped to the catapults. From here they launched salvoes of boulders at the lurching barges below and succeeded in blocking the river by sinking the first few. They then made their way down the hill with all haste and, with some tripping, managed to reach the valley floor badly bruised and ready for healing. They reported to the Baron who informed them he was granting them the priviledge of riding with he and his bodyguard in the battle on the morrow. This met mixed enthusiasm but was followed and so they rode with the man once the enemy general – the Swan Knight – was reported to have taken the field. Cavalry charged cavalry and carnage ensued, with the party managing to avoid the worst of it as they followed in the Baron’s wake. They arrived at the back of the enemy formation and found themselves facing the enemy general, who the Baron quickly unhorsed by leaping from his saddle to talk him. The fight then went rather quickly as the party picked apart the general’s bodyguard, loosing only one of their own in return. The she-elf managed to capture two knights of the Swan Knight’s entourage and the Swan knight himself after a brutal single combat with the Baron.

Victorious the survivors surveyed the battlefield as the enemey routed and withdrew, followed closely by the Clansmen and Crugan troops loyal to the Baron. The field of battle lay drenched in blood and covered with tens of thousands of bodies. Miles of land were trampled to mud. The party trots it’s way back towards their encampment with captives in tow. Before they arrive there is a clap of thunder and a familiar man appears in front of the column. The mage converses with the Baron and demands a key. The Baron refuses and a fight begins that quickly spirrals out of control and results in the deaths of 12 bodyguard, the Otrenan and the elf. Some how the she-elf survives the circle of death along with her 3 captives. Waigne is left alone fighting the mage, apprently unaware of the danger he is in and lightning discharges around him,exploding corpses and horses but he remains unscathed. The Baron seemed to go down with everyone else but almost as suddenly a gargantuan dragon appears where he used to be and a fight in ernest begins that is quickly joined by the two sons who in turn semble into draconic forms. A running fight begins that lasts about a minute and carries the combants away from the slaughter. At the end the she-elf witnesses a bright ray smash into the larger dragon which causes it to crash to the ground. Another clap of thunder is heard and the wizard is gone.

The she-elf begins gathering her party’s corpses along with two of the bodyguard and sets them in a tent to await burial and so they won’t be looted and sets out to scour the field for treasures with her captives. Meanwhile the everyone is panicked by the sight of three dragons sudden appearance or too busy looting or fighting the remaining pockets of resistance to notice.


xp for this is 1186

Part 5: Collateral Damage

I wonder what I got then.

Part 5: Collateral Damage

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