Shadows in the Dark

The party drags along the snoring body of the Otrenan and follows the lamps to to the first point of interest. They emerge in a large square surrounding a fortified building of three stories. Bones litter the ground here and there seem to be two distinct types of equipment. Ser Durus and Meryn stay outside with the sleeper while the rest cautiously enter the gloom through the decayed doors. After about two hours of searching they discover a few jewels, some coins, a secret room with a gas trap that saps Marcus’ strength containing a jeweled comb, a falchion with a wolf head pommel a ring, 8 books and some fancy clothes. On the top floor they come across the body of a larger creature surrounded by the remains of a number of enemies. The skeleton wears four gold torcs around its arm and a large bracer of what appears to be elemental earth. The armour is of a variety not seem before and consists of leather banded with metal which was taken to reconstruct later. Leaving, they hear a rythmic ‘boom’ repeat coming from behind, and they hurry on.

The second point of interest lay in a park the bisects the city that was filled with shadows and the whisperings of wind that should not exist. More bones littered the ground. Emerging on the far side they come across an abandoned wagon with a sealed amphora of wine which the Otrenan fills a waterskin with. Soon after they encounter a fountain with a wolf head spout. They turn it on and everyone but the rangers drink their fill. Close by they hear the sounds of merry-making and lively music in a city that so far has had no sounds but for the jangle of armour and pounding of feet. They follow the sound to an inn. Looking in the window they see an empty room with a lute siting on a table. They open the door and are greeted by the smell of alcohol, smoke and the noises of a full and thriving pub. The man behind the bar beckons them in and the Otrenan and elf enter, leaving everyone else outside. They move awkwardly through the crowd to the bar where the Otrenan proceeds to ask an assortment of questions which result in him learning that the date is 5th day in the Second season of Wind in the 11th year since the deposition of the Despot Urassin. This is Culhwch and Olwen’s wedding day and everyone is celebrating. The city is Yulharran and the fountain they found was dedicated to the goddess Felmae Uraste. He asks about Otren but is met with confusion as they only seem to know it as a warlord in the north and not a country. The sword they found seems to belong to Culhwch from his days before taking the boar as his symbol.

They continue on to the next point which turns out to be a temple. Again bodies lie scattered about and in a couple spots there are piles and in one spot a large scortch mark. Inside the temple lie seven sarcophagi in seven alcoves. Two appear to be empty while the other five bear resemblances of men and women. As they enter a voice booms “The path to the future is one walked by the past. Heroes are more than just legends but destiny incarnate. Return their weapons to them and claim your reward.” Each alcove is filled with frescoes depicting the deeds of the hero entombed within and as they enter each in turn the same voice introduces them -

Jeraim, Minstrel to the Silver Court, Councilor of the Seven;
Har-Rahim, Mage of the 10th order, Ambassador to the Western Kingdoms, Councilor of the Seven; Isula, Abbottess of Light, Healer of the Consort, Councilor of the Seven;
Ok, Subjugator of the Northern tribes, Chief of the Ygarn, Councilor of the Seven;
Ederyn, The White Ranger, Councilor of the Seven;
Emperor Ceilon the Kingdomless, Father of Justice, Councilor of the Seven;
Culhwch Boartamer, Slayer of the Despot, Councilor of the Seven.

The five occupied ones all were missing their weapons. The party searched through the various locations and puzzled how to retrieve each. Eventually, they managed to get each one and return it to the resemblance’s hands. With each return the person recieved a vision the their final moments. They all seemed to die defending the temple. Once all the weapons were in place the floor around the altar shifted to reveal stair down. They followed them down into darkness and passed more skeletons in the walls of the crypt, crossed a small channel or water and emerged in a low room facing a mumified looking man sitting limp on a throne with a shield resting beside showing a rampant boar. An inscription above the figure read “The Rampant Boar will run again when the wind raises this lord high before men”

Exp: 1000 (Will detail how I want you to level later)
Loot: in first paragraph



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