The Growing Dark

After emerging from the entombed city the she-elf led her weary and battered group down to the army encampments below. Meeting with the Baron’s sons she explained the situation and the riddle with its solution. She needed to go back to her tower and collect the banner with the rampant boar and place it in the slot behind the throne in the crypt to wake the man. The sons enthusiastically sent her on her way, seeing now a true potential to revive their father, but they kept the Swan Knight and his men in accomodations in the manor for safe keeping and recommended that she find some more adventurous types to go back with her. Marcus chose this moment to flee, traumatised as he was by the ghosts, magic, and almost fatal run in with living plants and Ser Lorne the Untouched went to the medical tents to be healed. The she-elf found some willing comrades in the medical tents treating the wounded and in the case of a bugbear being one of them. Joining the party were a bestial druid Kel, a ‘human’ cleric Baltyr, and a bugbear fighter Olgard.

After a week of travel through the Valley an the tunnels they found themselves in the cave-tavern of the Elf where there were a few men sitting at the tressle tables enjoying some lunch. Among the group was a goblin. At this point a local woman came running in screaming of something destroying a house. Going out to check they noticed a new house. Exploring it cand discovering red stains that turned out to be tomato sauce. In the basement they fought a Calzone Golem. Finally exploring the upstairs they discovered an unconcious man covered in sauce and tied to the bed. The man’s wife arrived to find the party in her house and after some explainations on both sides she offered them tea and scones. The goblin took this moment to steal what he thought was a spell book from the bedroom.

Collecting the banner they travelled back and entered the city under the mountain again. As they continued along the torches lighting the way went out as the banner passed them. Torches did little to illuminate the heavy darkness. Eventually they made it to the temple and descended the stairs to the crypt. Driving the banner home caused a strong wind to sweep through the crypt and the atrified body began to fill out and become living again. The party suddenly felt more alive and able to access abilities they didn’t know they had. A tense conversation happened that very nearly resulted in combat versus a known Ascendant but the presence of the bugbear and his apparent affinity for his ancient tongue saved the day and calmed the newly rejeuvinated man. He told them that to heal the baron, a man he knows as Emperor Ceilon, he must retieve an artifact that is helping hold the curse that was laid on the city at bay. Emerging from the temple they notice that the bodies that previously littered the streets were gone. With no magical torches to guide them they lit torches and wandered in what they hoped was the correct direction to arrive at the palace to speak with and perhaps free the prisoner they had found there. They must have taken a wrong turn as they ended up at the library after a quick fight with some skeletons and a bat. There was a light coming from inside the structure so the bugbear chose to investigate and the party followed. Inside on a balcony was a humanoid that turned and snarled when they endered and leaping from the balcony sembled into a dragon. They fought it to a standstill and it escaped.

Exp: 500
Loot: a party!


whoa whoa whoa. We’re throwing around words like “steal” pretty carelessly. That woman was clearly irresponsible and her book was confiscated as a direct result of that.

The Growing Dark

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