Having survived the pirates they made the port of Tysur where the party went on shopping trips through the canal-laced city. Anyssa was introduced to a weapons collector who mentioned a lead for the repair of the broken sword. Olgard found some members of his race and spread the news that Cuhlwch was returned; Baro bought some things and wandered around; Kal got drunk and told stories; Baltyr looked for books.

After a total of 2 months at sea they finally arrived in One-Eye-Cat, a port city of Otren and made their way north for six months until finally coming to an area inhabited by short humans living in yurts and igloos. Buying safe passage with gifts of metal items they made their way to the towering glacier that filled the northern horizon. There they found an abandonned campsite and footprints leading away to the East. Using their dogsleds they quickly caught up to the snowshoe wearing men and women who at first thought they were Ajax’s team who, they found out later, had gone missing about a month previous. The group lead them to a larger camp next to a deep tunnel into the ice. A woman sellsword (Varna) is in charge and explained the situation; Four months agao they had arrived under orders from a certain Ivan, nicknamed the Incompetent, to search for the fabled princess in the ice. They had mamged to dig a lengthy, winding tunnel into the glacier under directions from a young wizard who seemed to spend most of his time fretting about with an amulet between the camps. Baro looked over the boy’s books and was able to find that he was misusing the amulet and ritual, as it was the key to opening the dor of the castle rather than the key to finding it in the first place. They spent several days in the camp researching and/or helping extend the tunnel. Kal spotted something shinny in the ice and they found a silver pitcher of what turned out to be dregs of ancient wine after the ice inside was melted. It was thrown in with several other objects the diggers had found.

Eventually they decided to explore further afiedl and headed East. They were followed by some large white foxes who withdrew whenever they approached. After some time a larger fox appeared and approached the party after a lengthy stalemate. Once within speaking distance he and his two companions sembled into human form and turned out to be memebers of the local tribesmen. They told him their purpose and he matterofactly stated that they were going the wrong way and agreed to lead them for a good amount of metal.

Two weeks later in the opposite direction their guides have been stopped by a small pack of other foxes…

Exp: 400



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