• Baltyr Lucar

    Baltyr Lucar

    A quick young man with divine ties and eyes that sparkle an unnatural yellow in firelight
  • Kel Greytail

    Kel Greytail

    Proud Beast Warrior from the Southern Plains
  • Olgard Eberhart

    Olgard Eberhart

    First Sword of Cuhlwch
  • Baro Hoja

    Baro Hoja

    Artificer Extraordinaire, exploded while riding a dog sled and smoking from his new pipe.
  • Bonecrusher "Arronax" Bergeron

    Bonecrusher "Arronax" Bergeron

    Missing in action, dream warrior?
  • Braith


    A massive, scarred warrior with one eye.
  • Jago ap Gwern

    Jago ap Gwern

    A young warrior eager to prove himself.
  • James Hardwood

    James Hardwood

    Merchant from Irlen with a sweaty handshake.
  • Lucan of the Legassick

    Lucan of the Legassick

    Elven Marksman/ Refugee of some sort
  • Lurk


    A largely mysterious man from a bygone era, free after spending 5000 years in prison.
  • Marcus of Reinir

    Marcus of Reinir

    A hard killer who has found himself way out of his comfort zone since joining with the party.
  • Nathan the goblin

    Nathan the goblin

    A small, young goblin who is shy and likes wine.
  • Nemo Lacessit

    Nemo Lacessit

    Intrepid explorer, former nobleman
  • Oren


    A squat warrior who might be confused with a dwarf if one didn't know better.
  • Osborn Greenbottle

    Osborn Greenbottle

    Mysterious Halfing Wizard, he's not an orc!
  • Petranovich Uluska

    Petranovich Uluska

    A thickset man with elaborate tattoos covering the majority of his body.
  • Ser Durus the Red-handed

    Ser Durus the Red-handed

    A handsome knight wielding sword and shield. Bears a crest with a quartered stag.
  • Ser Lamorak Balor (Swan Knight)

    Ser Lamorak Balor (Swan Knight)

    A plain looking man in functional, decorated full-plate and wearing a white tabbard depicting a swan before a blue river. Known for his tactical brilliance.
  • Ser Lorne Oakheart the Untouched

    Ser Lorne Oakheart the Untouched

    A large knight with super reflexes. Bears a rose and an oak on his tabbard and shield.
  • Ser Meryn

    Ser Meryn

    A large knight wielding a greatsword. Wears a green deer on his tabbard.
  • Thoradun Ronavus

    Thoradun Ronavus

    Otren Born Architect/Combat Medic