Baro Hoja

Artificer Extraordinaire, exploded while riding a dog sled and smoking from his new pipe.


Baro Reddin / Baro Hoja (former full name, latter given name and title)

Level 3 Artificer, Goblin
Initiative: 3, AC: 16, Speed 6, HP 38
10 STR
16 CON
12 DEX
17 INT
14 WIS
12 CHA

History 11
Heal 8
Perception 8
Dungeoneering 8
Thievery 7

Master Mixer (Class bonus)
Potent Restorables – Targets of healing powers regain 2 extra hit points
Skill Training: Thievery


Former member of the Ede-bali tribe, Baro Reddin was trained to become a spiritual aid for his people. However when Baro reached adulthood, the current tribe chieftain told Baro that the gods had another life in store for him. He needed to expand his mind if he truly desired to walk with the spirits. Baro of course desired no such thing, at least not if it meant living out in the desert for the rest of his life.

Being sent to Qaza as a rite of passage was the greatest thing that had happened to him in his short life. Baro spent the next twenty-two years climbing the social ladder, he had convinced everyone of his noble origins and earned his own home as a direct result. Serving as Hoja to a councilman of the city Baro had everything he needed financially.

From Desert Wanderer To Annoyed Advisor

It was always so cold on the coastline in comparison to the heart of the desert. Baro pulled the hood of his cloak up the shield his ears from the biting ocean wind as he pushed his way through the crowded street. He hated delivering messages and documents to the dockyard. The sailors were so crude, not to mention that they always carried the stench of ale and fish. “This is no place for a Hoja!” Baro muttered to himself. After all the difficult situations he had swiftly and discreetly dealt with for that surly buffoon, Baro had imagined there would be a rise in his responsibilities.

In a way, his duties had certainly become more important due to the consequences they carried if he let the wrong person discover his efforts. These tasks ranged anywhere from escorting ladies of the night out the rear manor gates and paying them not a copper more than was agreed, to trying to convince an impeccable dresser of a young Noble from across the seas that his specific talents were no longer needed by his finicky boss. The fire haired slender man calmly stated before leaving, “I suppose I will take my leave,” and leaning in to whisper into the goblins ear “but remind your delicious boss that not a single one of these two copper whores can inhale the oyster like I can.” and frankly Baro wasn’t sure if he was offended or intrigued by this statement. Yet Baro pressed on in his work to make his employer look spotless to the public, despite the general lack of interest they seemed to show for the city council’s personal lives as it were.

After much effort including nearly being knocked to the ground by a rather clumsy and extremely irritable dwarf who had only paused to glare at Baro, he had arrived at the dreary port office.
Shuffling and sorting through papers as he hastily passed through the open door, Baro barely noticed that the roof was leaking more than usual. With a sigh and an artful dodge of a large pouring of water he approached the desk that Taruk the half-orc was currently hunched over. “Afternoon Taruk you great oaf, I’ve some papers for Wark about his funding request.” Baro and Taruk had always gotten along for some reason, perhaps due to Taruk’s ability to shrug off even the most uncalled for of Baro’s insults with a laugh. “Well do ya’ now you wee green bugger? Wark has been pestering me for days about those papers coming in, we’re over due for a little bit of aid from the council. Our trade ships are barely afloat, not to mention it seems that my desk is underneath an ever expanding waterfall.”

To Be Expanded Later

Baro Hoja

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