Kel Greytail

Proud Beast Warrior from the Southern Plains


Level 3 Druid/Warden, Shifter
Initiative: 5, AC: 20, Speed 6, HP 34
19 STR
14 CON
14 DEX
20 WIS
12 CHA



Certain bloodlines in the Longtooth tribe in the Neff are gifted with an ability. Through a strong connection to their ancestors, they can channel the beast within, manifesting the wolf within. Kel was born to such a bloodline, the Greytails, and as such, his destiny was sealed.

Five years of martial and mental training to unleash the beast. Five years more to control it. On top of this, training in the ways of the warrior and the herbalist and the healer, learning the secrets of nature. The talents of a few were found wanting; their training was ended, rigorous years of their life wasted. In the end, Kel and six of his peers were invited to the ceremony at which they would become Beast Warriors of the tribe, and be awarded with a pendant to show their status. And then the whole tribe would feast.

At the feast, the elder mystic came forward to talk of a vision. The night before, he had seen a great tide of darkness sweeping the land. A single warrior stood in the form of a wolf a light breaking the darkness. He saw the faces of each of the seven new beast warriors.

Kel slept poorly that night, troubled by the mystic’s vision. He was awoken by chaos outside. His father, Kor, rushed into the hut with a packed bag and an explanation of the noise. Each determined to be the hero of prophesy, two of Kel’s peers, Sevish and Talthro, had gotten into a heated argument and fought. Talthro had been killed. The longtooths had begun to take sides, each supporting the Beast Warrior that they believed would be the hero. More fighting had broken out.

Kor told Kel to take his gear and run. This was not a cause worth dying for, especially because while the mystic was an important and respected member of the community, he had never before shown signs of real magic power, and had been heavy into the drink. Kel agreed, and set out.

He traveled northward for a time, keeping to trade roads when he could. He sustained himself by working as a sword-for-hire or as a healer wherever he could, but he could never forget his warrior spirit.

Kel Greytail

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