Lucan of the Legassick

Elven Marksman/ Refugee of some sort


Lucan of the legasick
132 years old, 5"11 – 125lbs
Level 1 Archer Ranger, Elf
Initiative: 5, AC: 18, Speed 6, HP 25
13 STR
13 CON
20 DEX
11 INT
18 WIS
10 CHA


Contents Of Backpack/On his person: (as of 10/4/11)
62,Masterwork arrows
Rope, Experimental (50ft)
Climbers kit
10,Grasshopper legs

Belongings at homestead:
1473 gold pieces
A pet badger and cougar cub


Lucan was born on the outskirts of a great mountain east of the afon. Lucan’s elf parent Nymphora a metal elemental protected him from harm until he reached a nearby village. Working as a farm hand for the first part of his life Lucan began wandering when he outlived his human wife. Seeking adventure Lucan enlisted in the war as a mercenary on the side of Otren. Lucan proved his worth in the killer arrows a group of scouts and sharpshooters. When the war ended the killer arrows disbanded leaving Lucan without a sense of purpose. In the time of peace Lucan joined up with Anyssa and Bonecrusher “Arronax” Bergeron in James Hardwood’s ill fated caravan.

Apearance: Short jet-black hair,grey-blue eyes and gray tinted skin. Physically Lucan could be mistaken for a skinny human except for his pointed ears.
Lucan has 2 tattoos in total. On his back Lucan has a tattoo of two arrows crossing from when he was in the killer arrows. More recently when Lucan was entered into the legassick he tattoed a large stylized eye tattooed on his chest.

Lucan of the Legassick

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