Journal of Dylan ap Afona

A loosely bound series of quires set between worn wooden covers bearing a scratched symbol of a harp and dragon


The journal is half in a light and antiquated Kunyaan and half in an unknown script. The first date that you can actually read is in a totally different calendar. Later the dates start to follow the lunar calendar of the Afon. The earliest date you can find goes back 3784 years.

The last entry is written in a frantic, broken script and reads:

“I’ve spent too long trying to discover what has happened to me. My mind is tearing at its seams. I <text> out. The rites are weakened and soon the end must come. The ice melts. Ever so slowly, it melts. I must prepare for the worst. I must make a choice between my kin or my children. Hopefully I will have the will to carry through my intent. There are only two I dare summon, but will they come? It will begin soon. Pray they are ready.”

The following pages bear signs of burning or have been ripped out entirely.


Journal of Dylan ap Afona

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