Journal of Taur


This is the journal of Taur, son of Mackret, Goddess of Madness.

It details how over the last year he and his followers were responsible for driving various villages worshiping Caelon Tir to attack their neighbours and break their oaths to the god. This caused the local militant order of Caelon Tir to adjudicate and put the citizens to death. The killing of his followers by their brethren made him happy.

Taur then moved on to another village and began gathering villagers from the surrounding area and driving them insane. He took residence in an abbey dedicated to Caelon Tir and desecrated the shrine, erecting a statue to Mackret and sanctifying it in her name.

His reasons for launching these pogroms against the followers of Caelon Tir appear to stem from the god having left his mother before their ascension. He saw this act as the reason for her becoming associated with madness, as she was driven mad by grief. He was attempting to strike Tir’s base of followers in the region.

In a previous confrontation his mother berated her son for his excesses and revoked her support of his actions, as she had no want to a direct confrontation with Tir at the time.


Journal of Taur

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