The Death of Bard

After getting beaten up by a one-eyed orc the group abandoned their former colleague and hired on Petronovich, a follower of Sharik, and the eager if young Jago to help them get through the rest of the tunnels alive. After several hours they came to the place of the ambush where the porters, guards and James were resting. A middle-aged warrior sat across the fire and had worked out a deal with James that he would guide them the rest of the way in exchange for help with his task. The party immediately headed off after some argument about what to do with the traitorous Aer, who ended up being healed and hobbled. A day passed with the man, whose named it turned out was Fletcher, before a rest was called. The next day the way began to rise and the tunnels became less damp. Soon the party began passing signs of destruction, with bodies and gore covering the floor and walls in places. As they proceeded a great roar echoed down the tunnels and soon they came to a doorway with the iron doors torn off the hinges. A man Fletcher had described as an old friend came forth to greet them and was visibly in immense pain. He revealed his name to be Bard and asked his friend to kill him before the beast was unleashed once more. He had drawn Fletcher there with his attacks on travelers in the tunnels and had known his old friend would find him eventually. He seemed scared of another group known to both of them finding him and “extending his fate”. Fletcher drew a blade sheathed in ice and impaled Bard through the chest at which point the man suddenly cried in anguish and sembled into a great white dragon who smashed Fletcher against a wall, causing rubble to cover him. The dragon proclaimed he would not succumb so easily and unleashed a wash of blue fire from its mouth that engulfed the front members of the group and filled the air with magical residue. The combat lasted quite a time but eventually with a combination of direct attacks and collapsing the ceiling the party emerged victorious, though their casualties included James, Nathan, and Braith. In death the beast sembled back into a man.

The party then looted an enchanted spear, an exotic sword, 300gp, a potion of cure moderate wounds, a potion of invisibility, 5 books (mostly on dragons), 200gp from James and 4 letters.

Exp gained: 1080

Next game: Monday 21 or Tuesday 22 Feb

A mailman in sheep's clothing

So after signing on as guards to James Hardwood’s caravan in Chellew you stopped in the villages of the Coath and Gwern, treated to feasts of rediculous proportions and in the latter case, game. Several streaks of gambling were seen and the cleric was revealed to be a non-drinker. You found out that goblins have the ability to heal naturally and that giving them wine does nothin to help loosen their tongues. Nemo was caught cheating at dice by his boss and was chased through the fens by the Gwern while being tarred and feathered to resemble the toad-chicken that so deleiciously covered the feast table earlier that night. The young lass was accosted by a fellow guard but was saved by Braith who showed his character. You then reached the tunnels after 2 and a half days travel, where all the porters took up bales of wool and racks of copper and tin ingots. Your guide, Aer, turned out to be a traitor and lead your group into an ambush with a group of unidentified men who attacked after being shot at. Fierce combat ensued that saw the death of Luren and near deaths of Oren and Braith. Aer took James captive until a young woman slapped him into unconciousness with her sword. A number of letters from the king were revealed to be in James’ possesion, prompting suspicion from Nemo and leading to disputes in the party while the young woman looted the dead of their valuables. After almost coming to blows the party is heading back to Rosemayle to hire a new guard or two, mend armour, and rest while the merchant and what’s left of his entourage wait in the tunnels under Lon.

EXP earned: 400 combat + 100 roleplay.

EDIT: To accommodate a temporary change in schedule, there will be a game taking place on Tuesday, February 15th at 6pm. After this game we will return to the regular schedule.


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