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    [[Urad]] Sircrugmawr: [[Trilec]], [[Brea]], [[Chycoose]], [[Logh]], [[Tolmen]], [[Lanuste]], [[Poniou]], [[Praalt]] Lumar, Jewel Eye Cat, Lock, Yule, Othan, Icrenal, Brugi, Well, Screma, Sudemar, Yelyn. Quen Caliphate: [[Ahrah]], [[Qaza]], …

  • Urad

    Urad is situated on the Western coast of the Sea of Fulgrim. It has a population of 50,000 in the city and controls up to the mountains to the East that border Sircrugmawr. The city is crowned by the acropolis on which sits the library and Boulon. There …

  • Logh

    Fortress city on the old South-eastern border. Used as the southern headquarters for the Saddleborn. Population: 20,000. Back to [[Eothe]] or [[Cities]]

  • Tolmen

    Old Crugan capital. Though it lacks the administrative authority it once had it has become the centre of learning and renowned for its institutions. Population: 70,000 Back to [[Eothe]] or [[Cities]]

  • Lanuste

    Situated on the southern border it is the centre of trade to and from the Neff. Population: 25,000 Back to [[Eothe]] or [[Cities]]

  • Praalt

    Capital city of Sircrugmawr. Fortress city. Took four years of siege to capture. Residence of King Jaric. Population: 35,000 Back to [[Eothe]] or [[Cities]]

  • Trilec

    Major hub for goods coming from the Afon. Capital of Iddrynaen province. Most of the grain from the province is collected and distributed from here. Population: 15,000 Back to [[Eothe]] or [[Cities]]

  • Poniou

    A once grand city famous for its architectural revolutions. Most of the city now lies in ruins and depopulated, still trying to recover after loosing its place as a centre for trade. Population: 10,000 (formerly 50,000) Back to [[Eothe]] or [[Cities …

  • Brea

    City in the Inagh province. Has a seedy reputation. Population: 10,000 Back to [[Eothe]] or [[Cities]]

  • Chycoose

    Situated by one of the largest expanses of forest in the kingdom. Centre of carpentry and famous for the distinctive buildings created through the skilled directed growth of trees. Population: 18,000 Back to [[Eothe]] or [[Cities]]

  • Ahrah

    Located on the far East coast of the Quen Caliphate, Ahrah is a large merchant town dealing primarily in various textiles and a minor amount of spices. Population: Est. 2500 Humans: 85% Goblin: 10% Orc: 4% Dwarf: 1%

  • Qaza

    Qaza is the Quen Caliphate's central trade and port city. Located on the South-Western coast it relies on extensive caravan routes to bring in supplies from as far off as Ahrah. It mainly deals with Urad due to minor isolationism, however recently Qaza …

  • Od-So

    Od-So is a large farm community not far North of [[Qaza]] that provides most if not all of the animals needed to keep the trade routes moving. Population: 4256 Human: 75% Goblin: 14% Half-Orc: 10% Orc: 1%

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