Character Creation

First, pick something you want to play. Don’t worry too much about what role others are choosing.
Available races are the standard PHB ones plus Gadrin, Gobbins, Teblor and variants of PHB races but no Dragonborn, as they don’t fit in the world. If you want to play a splat book race just tell me and I’ll consider it.

Roll for stats again – 3d6, reroll 1s once. You can do this twice and take the preferred result. Assign the numbers to whatever stat you wish.

Lastly, give me a background that extends to more than, “My parents are dead and I am a loner wandering the world looking for gold.” I want something I can work with and make interesting adventures that actually relate to your character. It will also help me in giving you background-dependent items at game start, cause I’m houseruley like that!

You will start from level 1.

If you want to be a noble: Choose a Title and Heraldry

A Background might help.

IGNORE FOR 5E New Skills: Warmaster, Runes, Economics, Anthropology

Character Creation

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