Dragons were originally created with the destruction of the Primordial that was attributed to magic. With its destruction one dragon was formed for each element and kept balance between themselves. The balance was ended with the death of the first dragon. They then waged war with eachother and attempted to enlist the other races, promising rewards beyond their means (so explaining the myth about a dragon’s hoard). The war killed countless numbers and eventually those they had recruited joined forces againt them and imprisioned them for their crimes. Some of the spawn of the original dragons managed to escape and remain in the world but were constantly hunted. They had become a species on the verge of extinction.

The dragons named in the text you found are:
Eras – drake of light
Sera – drake of darkness
Rase – drake of shadow
Ost – drake of air
Aegirn – drake of water
Premas – drake of fire
Tirgan – drake of earth
Polon – drake of magic
Tlastiras – drake of chaos
Braeca – drake of death
Yaera – drake of life

The Ritual of Rase:

An emprie of a now extinct race was fighting a loosing war, their last bastion under siege so they underwent a ritual with the agreement of the remaining dragons to unite their powers and long life into one vessel – the souls of two in one, with the ability to take the form of both. With this binding they were able to flee their eneimies and for a time form a new empire, until the mistrust instilled in them by their dragon soul caused it to fracture and civil war ensued. Soon those that survived fled the company of others and went once more into hiding. Those who underwent the ritual refer to each other by the titles or jobs they previously held when mortal. They are immortal so this simple element is meant to remind them of their humanity and keep control over their baser half. The dragon of shadow, Rase who was the only original dragon to escape imprisonment is supposedly the mastermind behind the ritual and she is joined with the emperor.


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