Gobbins: Smaller than Orcs, Gobbins are thought to be original goblinoids. They are supposedly the product of an ancient release of powerful magic that altered a race. They are known to have the ability to heal themselves. Much of their history is unknown as they have not had a nation to themselves in quite some time. Many were made slaves to the Yigarn (giants). Their birthrate is ever in flux and at various times Gobbins have been known to give birth to what appear to be entirely new species. Due to their volatile genetics they can live anywhere between 5 years and 1000. The most famous case is Opri Mecer-Mundi who has lived for 1493 years and is venerated by goblin-kind.

Gobbin society is rather diverse and tends to adapt to the environment in which it finds itself by adopting aspects of the culture around. Often the only thing similar about one Gobbin community and another is a shared language in Yaba. Since the fall of their empire the various factions and families scattered to the winds and it is rumoured that they did not originate on Eothe. In Human settlements Gobbins usually inhabit a separate quarter as Humans tend to find the Gobbin tendency to self-destruct a little off-putting and destructive, and Gobbins tend to be xenophobic, avoiding the company of other races. Some have fought against their nature enough to have been accepted by the communities of other races and the rare few have risen to positions of wealth and power.

Gobbins have an affinity for healing granted to them by their magic heritage and spurred by attempts to prolong their lives and avoid the sudden and inexplicable deaths unique to their race. As such some seek to help others with their knowledge of the workings of the body and travel from village to village or set themselves up in cities. Though they are helping people they should not be viewed as altruistic as Gobbins tend towards coveting gold and silver and other shiny objects meaning their aid often comes at a high price.

Famous individuals:
Jupin Ruscor-Urp
Opri Mecer-Mundi

Names: Gobbins first names usually consist of 2 short syllables and their last names always have a hyphen and syllables tend to bounce from one to the next. Long vowels are never used and Gobbins often have difficulty even saying them – eg. oo, ou, ee, ae, etc.

Gobbins receive 2 Dex or +2 Int, +1 Con
Movement: 30ft
Size: Medium
Average Height: 4’2"-5’5"
Average Weight: 90-120Ibs
Vision: Dark-vision
Language: Yaba, and one other
Skills: Arcana, Medicine
Gobbin Blood: Once per day a Gobbin can heal himself as if he had the spell Cure Wounds. Caster lvl equals half lvl.
Volatile Genetics: Has disadvantage on final death save and if failed the Gobbin explodes (close burst 2 – deals 2d10
lvl dmg). If both rolls fail then the explosion happens as described, but if one is a success then the Gobbin instead gains 1d8 hp and gains a 15ft poison cone attack for the next round. If killed as the result of an automatic death due to being attacked the Gobbin also explodes.

Gadrin: Gadrin were originally the spawn of Gobbins and Yigarn that over the ages have shrunk to become what they are today. They have lost much of the magical affinity of Gobbins but gained the strength of the Yigarn. Gadrin are not often seen outside their own territories as they tend towards isolationism. The rare few leave their mountain holds of the Crag Morr. Those that do are often recruited into mercenary bands or as caravan guards. Gadrin have a surprisingly low birthrate meaning every child is a blessing. Average lifespan is about 140 years.

Famous individuals:
Hugrum Grainflayed
Urf Mattok
Icarsgrom Richvein

Gadrin get +2 Str, +1 Con
Movement: 30ft
Size: Medium
Average Height: 5’6" – 6’6"
Average Weight: 150-240Ibs
Vision: Dark-vision
Language: Ursic, and one other
Skills: Persuasion, Athletics
Cultural Resistance: Orcs gain advantage to will saves vs compulsion spell effects
Ursch’s Blessing: Count as having Evasion as a Rogue

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