Throughout the North there is no real ‘common’ language that connects people. Each area or realm might have many variants of the same language or perhaps even completely different languages.

Eothe languages:

Kunyaan: mostly contained within the Afon. Also spoken to some extent by Urad due to their close trade relations.

Otrenan: Widely spoken in Otren, various regional dialects.

Crugic: Spoken in the East and Southern part of Sircrugmawr.

Mawran: Spoken in the North and Western part of Sircrugmawr.

Cilitte: Primary language of Urad.

Neff: Tribal language of the plains. Variances between tribes.

New Felshin: Language spoken by commoners in the Feltroane Principalities.

Old Felshin: Spoken by nobility and scholars in Feltroane Principalities.

Humarin: Trader tongue of the North. Limited in scope. Many words not covered.

Luminal: Language spoken in Quen Caliphate and is derived from the Tem- Sinal language of light.

Five Daughters languages:

Jerune: Language of Halflings (spoken as a kind of common throughout Five Daughters)

Mutinaan: Dialect of Old Feshin. Spoken throughout Mutina.

Albaen: Tribal tongue of the tribes on Albaon.

Vimanar: Spoken by Vimar kingdom.

Many people of various races speak the Tem languages on the isles.

Common uncommon languages:

Shade: Language of Shadow.

Tirshic: Language of Light. Priestly language of followers of Caelon Tir.

Kruchgir: Language of Dwarves

Eil: Language of Elves.

Ursic: Language of Orcs

Yaba: Language of most Goblinoids

Teblan: Language of Teblor

Extinct Lnaguages:

Draconic: No one speaks this anymore and it is almost a myth. If you take this you must have at least 14 Int or else cannot make sense of it. Read only.

Tem-einan, Tem-sinal, Tem-fainen: All similar in style , though some major differences in verb stems and addition or dropping of syllables. The language of three ancient races that disapeared thousands of years ago. Few speak these languages and they are often used for secret organisations or people trying to look intelligent.

Old Otrenan: Antiquated Otrenan.

Hearas: Language of Darkness.

Series A and B: Undeciphered script of an unknown language.


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