Occupations – Choose one skill from those offered; if the character already has a skill through class they gain a +1 bonus, if not then they receive it as free training. Other skills count as class skills.
+0 wealth chose 2 skills, 1 feat; +1 wealth get 1 skill, 1 feat; +2 wealth chose 1 skill; +3 wealth chose nothing

Academic – Choose 2 skills
Skills: History, Arcana, Religion, Anthropology or Decipher Script
Feat: Linguist, Diligent
Wealth 1 (0 = 0; +1 = 1x; +2 = 3x; +3 = 6x)

Adventurer -
Skills: Knowledge: Dungeoneering, Bluff, Gather Info, Intimidate
Wealth +1
Feat: Weapon Proficiency, Alertness, Endurance

Athlete -
Skills: Balance, Jump, Tumble, Swim
Wealth +0
Feat: Run, Improved Initiative, Endurance, Acrobatic

Blue Collar –
Skills: Handle Animal, Gather Info, Intimidate, Survival
Wealth +0
Feat: Endurance, Power Attack, Toughness, Animal Affinity

Performer -
Skills: Diplomacy, Tumble, Bluff, History
Wealth +1
Feat: Escape Artist, Linguist, Persuasive, Acrobatic

Criminal –
Skills: Open Lock or Forgery, Disguise, Stealth, Sleight of Hand
Wealth +2 or +0 and one feat
Feat: Stealthy, Deft Hands, Deceitful

Noble –
Skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge: Nobility, Sense Motive, Bluff
Wealth +3

Medicae -
Skills: Heal, Search, Nature, Arcana
Wealth +1
Feat: Skill Focus: Heal, Toughness, Iron Will

Rebel/outcast -
Skills: Intimidate, Stealth, Nature, Survival
Wealth +0
Feat: Toughness, Self-Sufficient, Track, Alertness

Military -
Skills: Ride, History, Heal, Warmaster
Wealth +1
Feat: Toughness, Mounted Combat, Weapon Proficiency

Religious -
Skills: Religion, Sense Motive, Arcana, Heal
Wealth +2
Feat: Ritual Training

Rural -
Skills: Nature, Handle Animal, Knowledge: Local; Religion
Wealth +0
Feat: Athletic, Weapon Proficiency, Endurance, Animal Affinity

White Collar -
Skills: Sense Motive, Diplomacy, Knowledge: Nobility, Forgery
Wealth +2

Merchant –
Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Appraise, Economics
Wealth +3

Artisan –
Skills: Appraise, Diplomacy, Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering, Arcana (Dwarf: Runes)
Wealth +2

New Skills: Warmaster, Runes, Economics (determines wealth over time), Anthropology

Divine interest – Allows the ability to wield magical materials without incurring negative side-effects
Linguist – additional 2 languages
Weapons Proficiency: Firearms – Only available to Dwarves
Dwarven smithing
Magical smithing
Ritual Training – only priests can cast rituals


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