Urad is situated on the Western coast of the Sea of Fulgrim. It has a population of 50,000 in the city and controls up to the mountains to the East that border Sircrugmawr. The city is crowned by the acropolis on which sits the library and Boulon. There are two harbours; one for locals and the military and the other for trade. The majority of residences are similar in size and shape and all have their walls whitewashed. The standard of living here is obviously quite high.

The government consists of a coucil (Boule) that is elected every year. Seperately there are 10 generals who are also elected.

Military: Consists of citizens of Urad. All boys are trained in the basics of combat at their coming of age. As such the city can draw upon all men between the ages of 15 and 50 in times of need. The standing army consists of 1000 hoplites, 400 skirmisher/archers, 300 cavalry, and enough oarsmen and marines to outfit 400 ships. The most famed unit are the Silver Spears, a unit consisting of 300 men, one for each member of the Boule. They are the best trained and equiped men and their ranks only filled from families living outside the city to represent the need for city and rural communities to work as one.

Taverns: Penteconter, Oarsman’s Bench, The Sleepy Sailor, The Drowned Sailor.

People of Interest:
Walfreid Janovich – Leader and founder of the Red Lilies adventurer guild.
Yallen Bind – Ambassador of Sircrugmawr to Urad.
Iphakcea Orpheus – Merchant woman who owns a trade fleet.
Paratus Menone Barbatus – Archmage of Urad, member of Boule.
Phaiston – A weapon enthusiast.
Wulfric – A weapon and armour smith.
Melnus Lucencious – Chief Librarian.
Butcherman – unknown murderer.

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