Having survived the pirates they made the port of Tysur where the party went on shopping trips through the canal-laced city. Anyssa was introduced to a weapons collector who mentioned a lead for the repair of the broken sword. Olgard found some members of his race and spread the news that Cuhlwch was returned; Baro bought some things and wandered around; Kal got drunk and told stories; Baltyr looked for books.

After a total of 2 months at sea they finally arrived in One-Eye-Cat, a port city of Otren and made their way north for six months until finally coming to an area inhabited by short humans living in yurts and igloos. Buying safe passage with gifts of metal items they made their way to the towering glacier that filled the northern horizon. There they found an abandonned campsite and footprints leading away to the East. Using their dogsleds they quickly caught up to the snowshoe wearing men and women who at first thought they were Ajax’s team who, they found out later, had gone missing about a month previous. The group lead them to a larger camp next to a deep tunnel into the ice. A woman sellsword (Varna) is in charge and explained the situation; Four months agao they had arrived under orders from a certain Ivan, nicknamed the Incompetent, to search for the fabled princess in the ice. They had mamged to dig a lengthy, winding tunnel into the glacier under directions from a young wizard who seemed to spend most of his time fretting about with an amulet between the camps. Baro looked over the boy’s books and was able to find that he was misusing the amulet and ritual, as it was the key to opening the dor of the castle rather than the key to finding it in the first place. They spent several days in the camp researching and/or helping extend the tunnel. Kal spotted something shinny in the ice and they found a silver pitcher of what turned out to be dregs of ancient wine after the ice inside was melted. It was thrown in with several other objects the diggers had found.

Eventually they decided to explore further afiedl and headed East. They were followed by some large white foxes who withdrew whenever they approached. After some time a larger fox appeared and approached the party after a lengthy stalemate. Once within speaking distance he and his two companions sembled into human form and turned out to be memebers of the local tribesmen. They told him their purpose and he matterofactly stated that they were going the wrong way and agreed to lead them for a good amount of metal.

Two weeks later in the opposite direction their guides have been stopped by a small pack of other foxes…

Exp: 400

Fire and Water

The party followed the tracks leading from the village and came across two guards on the road who proceeded to tell them to go around as the village was off limits. They managed to talk their way in to having an audience with the leaders of the force in the village. An older man in distinquished clothes introduced himself as Pelagius and was accompanied by a man in knightly vestments whom he introduced as Alexius, Knight Commander in the Order of Sacred Flame, a martial organization dedicated to Caelon Tir. Their purpose in the village was to try and punish the villagers for their crimes against the neighbouring settlements in violation of the agreements they made with Caelon Tir 200 years ago for his protection. The villagers, under the effect of a zone of truth placed by the accompanying monk, all admitted to attacking, enslaving, and commiting other crimes against the nearby Gnoll villages. The group attempted to enter questions to find the source of what seemed like madness but the answers only created more questions, as the killings began a few months ago in conjunction with the beginning of nightmares. The influence of one of the gods seemed likely to the party, most likely Mackret, though no definitive proof was discovered. They managed to convince Pelagius to commune with his god to ask for more time before due processing of the guilty was carried out. While he did this the party rested as night had fallen. Around 1am the village was attacked by villagers with madness in their eyes and those kept in the coral in the village escaped. A brief fight ensued with the 30-odd soldiers and party members defended themselves versus close to 200 crazed villagers. A copse of trees and some houses were set ablaze during the fight and with the outcome a descision was made to execute the survivors post haste. The party managed to plee for the release of the 5 surviving children into their custody on behalf of Urad and gained an honour guard to Urad to deliver them to the authorities there. On the way back they met the old man again and gave him a ride.

For the next few months while waiting for a ship in the spring the party parted ways. The Baro began work at the alchemy shop, Baltyr began studying languages and performing rites at his god’s temple, Anyssa and Kal ventured into the woods and mountains in search of an elk, and Olgard returned to the valley and officially became the First Sword of Cuhlwch.

Two months later they reunited in Urad and booked passage on a merchant vessel making it’s way North. Three weeks into their journey, after several brief stops, they were caught by pirates who took a few valuable items but mostly mundane things like timbers and rope. The pirates turned out to be a race of fearsome swordsmen that set the crew cringing with every cat-like movement. They are called the Seguleh are feared throughout the southern oceans, but that they were so far north was a bit odd. One of the passengers on the ship unknowningly challenged one of the seven pirates by maintaining eye contact and was attacked by the lowest ranking pirate. The encounter lasted all of 12 seconds but the man was able to kill the masked youth after a fierce echange that Olgard considered perhaps beyond all but himself and perhaps Anyssa. The next in line looked for a challenge but was refused. The man took the proferred mask but threw it overboard upon their departure in confused disgust.

Exp: 700
Loot: 1000gp, list of alchemical plants, an elk.

A Rumour of Fire

After exiting the magic shop debating the wisdom of their purchases from the crazed oldtimer the party heard screams. Investigating they began a lengthy chase of the assailant who turned out the be the Butcherman. Along the way they were seperated and it ended up that Kel arrived on the scene first and was quickly left bleeding out on the ground. The rest of the party managed to catch up and forced the mysterious naked figure to flee.

Over the next few days they investigated the message in Baltyr’s book on the High King. still debating whether to wait for spring or set out immediatley for the North they decided to look into the rumours of villages being burned. They were able to get the city council and assembly to agree to fund such efforts with a large reward.

On the way they went trough a Gnoll road block, paying a fee and later stealing it and more back. An old man by the side of theroad took lunch with them and gave them a vial. After two weeks of travel they arrived at the smouldering ruins of the first of the three villages. In what used to be the village common they found a large pyre of blackened corpses. Investigation found tracks of a large group moving to the North-West.

Exp: 600
Loot: A sack full of Gnoll gold, a doll, and flint and steel. A vial.

A Bridge Over a Troubled Troll.

So having successfully fought off the first wave of assailants the group, under direction from Culhwch managed to heave open the now unpowered doors just wide enough to escape. They slammed shut behind them. On the other side they were met by a score of Half-brothers who were awed by the newly awoken Ascendant and largely ignored Lurk, casting glances his way but quickly looking away again. On the way back down the mountain Lurk approached each in turn and thanked them for their help, giving a pat on the back that seemed to release something inside their bodies so that they felt more whole than they ever had, as if a missing piece they had not even known was missing had been put back. Lurk then stepped off the path and vanished saying he had matters to attend to, which left the party dumbstruck as to what he could possibly need sorting after 5000 years.

Back at the the Baron’s longhall they were received by Cei’s sons who fell to one knee before the legendary figure. All Culhwch’s annimosity toward the Baron had seemingly vanished and he placed the stone that must have been the power source keeping the curse at bay on the man’s chest where it began to glow and quickly was absorbed. They were told to take a rest and come back in the morning as the healing process would take a while.

The party spent some time in the temporary pub in the army encampment and enjoyed some new local specialty Dragons Fury. In the morning they returned to the hall and found the Baron and Culhwch laughing over some joke and sitting eating. The Baron still looked weak but in a good humour and recognizing Anyssa invited them all the feast with him. They left his company some hours later with agreements to their rewards. Some recieved training in rituals or alchemy from the local mage and money, while Olgard took some armour and weapons from the armoury as well as a knighthood. Some also began learning the languages of their party members as communication had been a rather disjointed affair thus far with only the pidgin of the trading tongue common between them all.

The descidion was made to travel to Urad to get their awarded money from the banks there. On the way they passed through a small village called Stonesthrow where they managed to cure a troll of his drinking problem and repair the bridge after killing the small detatchment of Urad soldiers that had killed the creature’s wife. They found that the soldiers had killed two men one of who was a messenger from the Baron bearing a letter for magistrates in Urad asking for continued military support come the spring. As the party continued on the air became colder as winter fast approached.

Arriving in Urad they set about shopping and delivered the letter to the magistrate. The next several days were spent looking for the magic shop and eventually it was found. Inside the same crazy old man with his silver topped cane greeted them and offered each tempting items of varying potency. Baltry was able to discern that the lunatic was Iscaraal and the party were given some perhaps hints, perhaps wild raving about various topics. In the end he took them for all they were worth and it is still to be seen whether the trade will be worth the expense, especially in the case of Olgard who had no funds and so was forced to offer a future favour in return for the bastard sword he craved.

Exp: 500
Loot: Yet to be seen! Heh. Heh. MUAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :P


Having driven off the black dragon the group set out to explore the seven other floors of the library. They found a bunch of book of various shapes and sizes on the various floors until they came to the 5th floor they could go no further due to a large locked door. After several attempts to pick the lock, break it down, and take out the pins they gave up and destroyed the whole level in seach of buttons that turned out to open the glass circle in the centre of the floor but not the door.

They ventured back out into the heavy darkness and after a while realised they had again gone the wrong way. Luckily they were able to correct their course before getting too far and ended up in front of the palace about an hour later. There they came upon a battle being fought between two groups of undead. They managed to skirt the conflict relatively unscathed and entered the palace and Anyssa (the she-elf) lead them straight to the secret dungeons and the mysterious prisoner.

The man was pale and gaunt, wearing rags. When asked the man revealed his name to be Lurk and demonstrated his ability for language by being able to speak to each member of the group in their native tongue. Baltyr played on Lurk’s desperation and his own knowledge of religious practices to draw up a binding contract with the power of the Elder gods, using blood. Lurk, annoyed at being forced to such a degrading act, signed and told Baltyr how to free him. This was done by laying blood on the door and saying some words that no one could understand. Free for the first time in 5000 years he kept his end of the bargain by providing much needed light and guiding the party toward the gates.

Crossing the park they ran into a large group of skeletons and drowners who rushed them from the trees and lake. A grueling battle took place that brought low two of the party before the end. Luckily they were quickly revived. Quickly escaping the park they rested in a delapidated house and stealthily continued. Passing the armoury they heard hammering and sounds of battle from the other side but decided to avoid whatever was causing the ruckus.

Some time later they arrived at the gates finally and decided to create a barricade out of the abandoned ancient carts. They took turns to rest but were interupted by a swarm of undead rushing at the gates. Lurk revealed himself to be a powerful caster of some sort and Culhwch arrived just in time to slay the returned black dragon. With the ancient hero now returned will they be able to finally escape the darkness of the curse?

Exp: 1000 (There seems to have been a degree of confusion over whether this was total so far or added to last session. Answer: You add them, so you should have 1500exp now.)
Loot: Books, books, and more books!

The Growing Dark

After emerging from the entombed city the she-elf led her weary and battered group down to the army encampments below. Meeting with the Baron’s sons she explained the situation and the riddle with its solution. She needed to go back to her tower and collect the banner with the rampant boar and place it in the slot behind the throne in the crypt to wake the man. The sons enthusiastically sent her on her way, seeing now a true potential to revive their father, but they kept the Swan Knight and his men in accomodations in the manor for safe keeping and recommended that she find some more adventurous types to go back with her. Marcus chose this moment to flee, traumatised as he was by the ghosts, magic, and almost fatal run in with living plants and Ser Lorne the Untouched went to the medical tents to be healed. The she-elf found some willing comrades in the medical tents treating the wounded and in the case of a bugbear being one of them. Joining the party were a bestial druid Kel, a ‘human’ cleric Baltyr, and a bugbear fighter Olgard.

After a week of travel through the Valley an the tunnels they found themselves in the cave-tavern of the Elf where there were a few men sitting at the tressle tables enjoying some lunch. Among the group was a goblin. At this point a local woman came running in screaming of something destroying a house. Going out to check they noticed a new house. Exploring it cand discovering red stains that turned out to be tomato sauce. In the basement they fought a Calzone Golem. Finally exploring the upstairs they discovered an unconcious man covered in sauce and tied to the bed. The man’s wife arrived to find the party in her house and after some explainations on both sides she offered them tea and scones. The goblin took this moment to steal what he thought was a spell book from the bedroom.

Collecting the banner they travelled back and entered the city under the mountain again. As they continued along the torches lighting the way went out as the banner passed them. Torches did little to illuminate the heavy darkness. Eventually they made it to the temple and descended the stairs to the crypt. Driving the banner home caused a strong wind to sweep through the crypt and the atrified body began to fill out and become living again. The party suddenly felt more alive and able to access abilities they didn’t know they had. A tense conversation happened that very nearly resulted in combat versus a known Ascendant but the presence of the bugbear and his apparent affinity for his ancient tongue saved the day and calmed the newly rejeuvinated man. He told them that to heal the baron, a man he knows as Emperor Ceilon, he must retieve an artifact that is helping hold the curse that was laid on the city at bay. Emerging from the temple they notice that the bodies that previously littered the streets were gone. With no magical torches to guide them they lit torches and wandered in what they hoped was the correct direction to arrive at the palace to speak with and perhaps free the prisoner they had found there. They must have taken a wrong turn as they ended up at the library after a quick fight with some skeletons and a bat. There was a light coming from inside the structure so the bugbear chose to investigate and the party followed. Inside on a balcony was a humanoid that turned and snarled when they endered and leaping from the balcony sembled into a dragon. They fought it to a standstill and it escaped.

Exp: 500
Loot: a party!

Shadows in the Dark

The party drags along the snoring body of the Otrenan and follows the lamps to to the first point of interest. They emerge in a large square surrounding a fortified building of three stories. Bones litter the ground here and there seem to be two distinct types of equipment. Ser Durus and Meryn stay outside with the sleeper while the rest cautiously enter the gloom through the decayed doors. After about two hours of searching they discover a few jewels, some coins, a secret room with a gas trap that saps Marcus’ strength containing a jeweled comb, a falchion with a wolf head pommel a ring, 8 books and some fancy clothes. On the top floor they come across the body of a larger creature surrounded by the remains of a number of enemies. The skeleton wears four gold torcs around its arm and a large bracer of what appears to be elemental earth. The armour is of a variety not seem before and consists of leather banded with metal which was taken to reconstruct later. Leaving, they hear a rythmic ‘boom’ repeat coming from behind, and they hurry on.

The second point of interest lay in a park the bisects the city that was filled with shadows and the whisperings of wind that should not exist. More bones littered the ground. Emerging on the far side they come across an abandoned wagon with a sealed amphora of wine which the Otrenan fills a waterskin with. Soon after they encounter a fountain with a wolf head spout. They turn it on and everyone but the rangers drink their fill. Close by they hear the sounds of merry-making and lively music in a city that so far has had no sounds but for the jangle of armour and pounding of feet. They follow the sound to an inn. Looking in the window they see an empty room with a lute siting on a table. They open the door and are greeted by the smell of alcohol, smoke and the noises of a full and thriving pub. The man behind the bar beckons them in and the Otrenan and elf enter, leaving everyone else outside. They move awkwardly through the crowd to the bar where the Otrenan proceeds to ask an assortment of questions which result in him learning that the date is 5th day in the Second season of Wind in the 11th year since the deposition of the Despot Urassin. This is Culhwch and Olwen’s wedding day and everyone is celebrating. The city is Yulharran and the fountain they found was dedicated to the goddess Felmae Uraste. He asks about Otren but is met with confusion as they only seem to know it as a warlord in the north and not a country. The sword they found seems to belong to Culhwch from his days before taking the boar as his symbol.

They continue on to the next point which turns out to be a temple. Again bodies lie scattered about and in a couple spots there are piles and in one spot a large scortch mark. Inside the temple lie seven sarcophagi in seven alcoves. Two appear to be empty while the other five bear resemblances of men and women. As they enter a voice booms “The path to the future is one walked by the past. Heroes are more than just legends but destiny incarnate. Return their weapons to them and claim your reward.” Each alcove is filled with frescoes depicting the deeds of the hero entombed within and as they enter each in turn the same voice introduces them -

Jeraim, Minstrel to the Silver Court, Councilor of the Seven;
Har-Rahim, Mage of the 10th order, Ambassador to the Western Kingdoms, Councilor of the Seven; Isula, Abbottess of Light, Healer of the Consort, Councilor of the Seven;
Ok, Subjugator of the Northern tribes, Chief of the Ygarn, Councilor of the Seven;
Ederyn, The White Ranger, Councilor of the Seven;
Emperor Ceilon the Kingdomless, Father of Justice, Councilor of the Seven;
Culhwch Boartamer, Slayer of the Despot, Councilor of the Seven.

The five occupied ones all were missing their weapons. The party searched through the various locations and puzzled how to retrieve each. Eventually, they managed to get each one and return it to the resemblance’s hands. With each return the person recieved a vision the their final moments. They all seemed to die defending the temple. Once all the weapons were in place the floor around the altar shifted to reveal stair down. They followed them down into darkness and passed more skeletons in the walls of the crypt, crossed a small channel or water and emerged in a low room facing a mumified looking man sitting limp on a throne with a shield resting beside showing a rampant boar. An inscription above the figure read “The Rampant Boar will run again when the wind raises this lord high before men”

Exp: 1000 (Will detail how I want you to level later)
Loot: in first paragraph


The Otrenan finds himself in a dark forest, a half moon in the sky. Behind him he hears the hoot of an owl. Silently it glides over him and sembles into a beautiful woman with midnight hair dressed in robes of purple and silver. She introduces herself as Yuxohlmadre. She claims to have rescued him from the machinations of another, at which point he hears a howl of frustration and anger from somewhere in the night. She will return the warrior to the world as she sees a destiny awaiting. Some time later he sits up in a tent filled with bodies.

The elf appears in a desolate wasteland, where not even a breeze moves the air. A wisp appears before him and becomes an alien looking woman who the elf recognizes from his racial memory to be an air elemental. She tells him that he can not join them yet and angrily sends him back. He awakes in a tent.

After looting the battlefield the party checks in on the Baron, who has been brought to his manor, now in his human form. The bodyguards let them in as they were summoned by the sons. They are led to the master bedroom where the still form of the Baron lies under blankets, tended to by healing women. The sons introduce themselves and inform the party that they are needed to help bring their father back from the place he now resided between life and death. They need to enter the ancient city under the mountain and wake the sleeping Culhwch who is apparently the only one who might do for the task. They are told he was locked within the city by the Baron after a disagreement the specifics of which the sons do not know as it was before their time. They are permitted to take along whomever they wish as they are not sure how dangerous the place may be. The Swan Knight and his companions volunteer as a point of honour out of respect for a might warrior, and Waigne and Marcus agree as well.

They set off the next day with an escort of four ‘Half-brothers’ as the sons name them (mysterious figures who never reveal their features and rarely speak. They enter the tower they had defended the previous day and find a large hole in the floor and a passage leading down rough-hewn steps that emerge onto a cobbled highway. As they continue they come across the signs of battle and find the bodies of eight men who they recognize as accompanying the mage. They reach the gates after a time. It rises up into the darkness and bears a number of blast marks. A half-brother takes out a pink gem and tosses it up into the darkness where it disappears. A glow begins second later and the earth shakes as the gates slowly rumble open, revealing a ruined city beyond. The half-brothers say they will be back in three days to pick them up and them depart, the gates closing behind them.

The party creeps its way along the road and examine a few buildings. The Otrenan sees that the buildings here bear similarities to the bridge over Dragon’s Fall in their construction. Torches light the main street and a few side streets. Most buildings have caved in roofs or demolished walls. Carts and piles of bones lie where they fell. As they continue they hear a set of heavy footsteps approaching. The rangers hide and the knights stand in the centre of the street as a massive statue comes from a side street. It hails them and asks their buisiness after which it gives a bunch of prophetic and generally unhelpful hints at various things it can sense about them such as the Otrenan being the slave to a mistress, the elf he calls Herald, and the seh-elf is informed to beware of shadows within the city and without. As it leaves it reminds them that “the ice melts”. Soon after they find an ancient shop front with a still sealed amphora which the Otrenan opens and fills his flask with followed by a taste. He manages to mumble something incoherent as he falls face-first into the cobbles and begins to snore.

Exp: 400
Loot: Flask of honey, Suit of very ellaborate armour, a pavillion, and a boar tusk helm taken from Ser Roger. Bunch of masterwork weapons, some gold, 2 potions, some paints.

Part 5: Collateral Damage

Finding themselves facing a wizard of fearsome reputation the party chose discretion as the better part of valour and left the mage and his cohort to whatever was in the tower, while they took their unconscious members and escaped to the catapults. From here they launched salvoes of boulders at the lurching barges below and succeeded in blocking the river by sinking the first few. They then made their way down the hill with all haste and, with some tripping, managed to reach the valley floor badly bruised and ready for healing. They reported to the Baron who informed them he was granting them the priviledge of riding with he and his bodyguard in the battle on the morrow. This met mixed enthusiasm but was followed and so they rode with the man once the enemy general – the Swan Knight – was reported to have taken the field. Cavalry charged cavalry and carnage ensued, with the party managing to avoid the worst of it as they followed in the Baron’s wake. They arrived at the back of the enemy formation and found themselves facing the enemy general, who the Baron quickly unhorsed by leaping from his saddle to talk him. The fight then went rather quickly as the party picked apart the general’s bodyguard, loosing only one of their own in return. The she-elf managed to capture two knights of the Swan Knight’s entourage and the Swan knight himself after a brutal single combat with the Baron.

Victorious the survivors surveyed the battlefield as the enemey routed and withdrew, followed closely by the Clansmen and Crugan troops loyal to the Baron. The field of battle lay drenched in blood and covered with tens of thousands of bodies. Miles of land were trampled to mud. The party trots it’s way back towards their encampment with captives in tow. Before they arrive there is a clap of thunder and a familiar man appears in front of the column. The mage converses with the Baron and demands a key. The Baron refuses and a fight begins that quickly spirrals out of control and results in the deaths of 12 bodyguard, the Otrenan and the elf. Some how the she-elf survives the circle of death along with her 3 captives. Waigne is left alone fighting the mage, apprently unaware of the danger he is in and lightning discharges around him,exploding corpses and horses but he remains unscathed. The Baron seemed to go down with everyone else but almost as suddenly a gargantuan dragon appears where he used to be and a fight in ernest begins that is quickly joined by the two sons who in turn semble into draconic forms. A running fight begins that lasts about a minute and carries the combants away from the slaughter. At the end the she-elf witnesses a bright ray smash into the larger dragon which causes it to crash to the ground. Another clap of thunder is heard and the wizard is gone.

The she-elf begins gathering her party’s corpses along with two of the bodyguard and sets them in a tent to await burial and so they won’t be looted and sets out to scour the field for treasures with her captives. Meanwhile the everyone is panicked by the sight of three dragons sudden appearance or too busy looting or fighting the remaining pockets of resistance to notice.

Part 3+4: Let Battle Commence!

The characters were tasked with commanding elements of the defence forces. The Otrenan took a unit of greataxe wielding heavies, the she-elf was backed by her fellow clansmen, and the elf decided to use hit and run tactics with some archers. The heavies were driven back after an initial rush and were gradually pulled down to the last few men before the enemy withdrew. The she-elf’s forces fared far better early on, mincing a unit of regulars but then began falling quickly due to exhaustion after killing so many foes. The elf and his archers rained death upon the flanks and rear of the enemy from across the river and made the marshy area bordering the river a quagmire of bodies and blood. The Afon forces held, which can be see nas a victory of sorts.

After reporting to the Baron once more the group was tasked with keeping watch over the battlefield and signalling troop movements from the northern tower. They and 15 men (4 heavies, 4 medium, 5 archers, Marcus, and Waigne) trudged the 3 hour climb to the tower and set about directing troops over the next day of fighting. By their directions the Afon was held for another morning though no desicive actions or pushes were made by either side and fighting continues into the afternoon. During a lull in the fighting the tower was attacked by a force of 25 men led by a mountain of a man. Marcus put up a solid defence but was not on form as he had been against the wizards and was quickly made unconcious. Waigne, again, was not on form and failed to kill a single foe with his characteristic flair and efficiency. The she-elf took down a number of foes but then fell victim to a twisted ankle. The fight ended when an archer in the nest shot the monstrous man in the back while fighting the Otrenan. They managed to heal 2 men leaving their forces at 3 heavies, 2 medium, and 4 archers. They tied up the giant and searched him for information of which there was very little apart from a medaillion depicting a talon within a circle with an inscription around its edge.

About 20 minutes later one of the guards raised the alarm when he spotted a group of 10 barges travelling down the river carrying thousands more men to the battle under the banner of the Byley family. While the garriosn watched from the ramparts, behind them in the bailey a thunderous noise shook the air and they turned to see the wizard from the skin tent along with several men now occupying the fort. The Otrenan, with his new greatsword, waved menacingly and frightened a few of the men but the wizard simply laughed it off and ignored him. Spotting the giant tied up in the corner he turn his attention on him and blasted the man to dust for failing in his task of securing the fort. The fight continues next time…

Exp Lvl 4s get 500+978; lvl 3 get 500+1017 (500 from session before)
Loot: Adamantine greatsword, mastrwrk fullplate, medallion, 100gp, various standard sets of equipment (chainmail, leather, swords of various descriptions, lots of rope, shields)
Next game tentatively set for monday next week.


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