Baltyr Lucar

A quick young man with divine ties and eyes that sparkle an unnatural yellow in firelight



Baltyr “Balt” Lucar was born into a minor noble house. His grandmother, Ennalis Lucar, clutched the reins of the house tightly after her husband’s death, determined to climb the ladder of nobility. Balt’s father, Ralen, was her eldest heir, and as such, Balt was in the line of succession. Ralen’s marriage was arranged by his mother to Lystra of house Carridan.

After the first few years of marriage the couple discovered that Lystra was barren. This secret was swept to the shadows, as well as their attempts to conceive an heir. This discovery created a wedge in their relationship, a wedge which drove Ralen between another woman’s legs. The year following this discovery encouraged Ralen to travel wider with his affairs, and although Lystra held her suspicions, she withdrew into the company of her grief. On a stormy morning, when Ralen had temporarily returned to explore one of his local investments, he was unpleasantly greeted by proof of his transgressions: a child upon his doorstep. To Ralen’s surprise, Lystra wisked the child into hiding, to play it as her own. Her eldest brother had fallen temporarily ill, and she conceived to steal the power of two houses with one lie.

As the years passed, Lystra’s brother recovered, but she found herself surprisingly attached to the child whose true mother had never been found. The lie brought the family together again, and all seemed peaceful. This peace would last until the murder of Ralen at the hands of theives during one of his late-night returns from a whore-house, though more discreet and less frequent than before. The luke-warm relationship he held with Lystra limited her grief, but not as much as her unfortunate passing three months later. Unable to care for the child herself, Ennalis sent Baltyr to be trained as an acolyte in a monastery close to a nearby city.

His training as an ‘acolyte’ was limited to servant duties, due to his limited potential as a ‘true’ divine servant. Seemingly forsaken by the other gods, Baltyr watched from the shadows, seeing the other priests praising the various gods of light for the good, and blaming all the bad on the likes of Dracan Torn. For someone with such power to be cursed so often, Baltyr wondered why his worshippers were few and far between. For a god who had had so much influence on his own life, in his youthful folly Baltyr found himself praying to the trickster to inflict misfourtune on those who wronged him.

Eventually, his prayers were answered, and Baltyr began to feel himself able to feel the waxing and waning of luck in those around him, and eventually the ability to shift it himself. His tricks were kept hidden from the priests, for fear that they cast him out. When Baltyr grew close to coming of age, however, he realized that this would be no punishment at all.

As a young adult, Balt fled the monastery to seek his destiny. He was disowned by Ennalis, but he did not care. Baltyr temporarily took refuge with a group of adventurers, providing healing and minor aid. It was here that his skills with a bow and a knife were truly developed, building on the basic noble’s training he had had as a child. After one daring temple raid that left only him, a halfling rogue named Bessel, and a severely injured human named Colt, the group disbanded.

Trained and armed, Baltyr went to cut the remaining strings he had tying him to the past: his father’s killers. After years of hunting and questioning, Balt found one rotting in the prison, and only had to grease the right palm to have him executed. A second required a subtle hand in inciting a tavern brawl and then ensuring a nameless knife found it’s mark. The final culprit had fallen as a beggar, and was to be missed by no one.

Upon the final death, a now fully adult Baltyr turned his eyes to the shadows to declare himself free of Dracan Torn, realizing that his tricks were now beneath him. However, the god graced him with one last gift, a vision of the past.

Ralen’s death had been a paid hit from the house Carridan, wanting power to shift to the primarch’s brother rather than Ralen and the primarch’s daughter, Lystra. At the time Lystra’s brother was near-death with his recurring illness, although later he recovered once again.

Lystra’s death had been poison delivered by one of Ennalis Lucar’s servants, upon discovering Baltyr’s true mother and tainted bloodline. His poor treatment and ‘lack of talent’ at the monastery were ensured by bribes by Ennalis to ensure he would never reach a position of power, and his assumed vows would ensure his removal from the political game. Ennalis wanted power to fall to a pureblood Lucar, which who could only be Ralen’s younger brother Calathyr and his son Arrus.

Shortly before Baltyr left the monastery, Arrus and his mother had discovered Ennalis’ deceit and conspired to kill Calathyr to cement power for themselves. Suspecting this, Ennalis sought Baltyr to potentially shift power back to him to secure her own safety. However, before this could be done, she was taken care of by Arrus’ mother. Her last will of declaring him heir was rewritten as the command which disowned him.

Bessel’s survival was no miracle, he had laid a trap for the rest of the group to take the largest portion of the loot. Baltyr had survived due to being a hired hand; he was paid a wage and trained, not entitled to a share of the loot. Colt had survived due to a last-minute bargain which was struck where he had given the rogue rights to his share. Crippled as he was, he would be unable to avenge the group later.

And thus the true power of the gods was revealed to Baltyr: the power that mortals declared the gods had over their lives when they really had none. The only things true in Baltyr’s life were the trinkets of power that the god had given him in pity. And what would Baltyr do if not repay those trinkets?

The man (elf) repeated his vows to the god, and went into the world with a newfound emptiness and desire for revenge.

Baltyr Lucar

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