Quen Caliphate

The Quen Caliphate occupies the desert and coast on the Southern border of the Uncharted Lands and is seerated from them by a high mountain range. Most of their cities occupy the coast but a few survive around oases in the desert and at holy sites. Despite living on the sea they are poor sailors and tend to stick to land due to the harsh storms that ravage the coast through much of the year. Little, if anything is known of them outside sea-going nations such as Urad and it is a rare thing indeed to see one of them outside their homeland. Due to their isolation on a peninsula they are insular and care little for the art of war, preferring instead the arts of diplomacy and politics.

Areas Of Note:

The Matoas, a stretch of desert several miles wide comprised entirely of quicksand. Regional Myths state it is home to huge creatures made of sand that lie in wait for food to come to them.

Siliktra Tunnels, a range of tunnels not fully charted that run along the base of the mountain range for an undocumented distance. Possibly running under most of the region however the only entrances confirmed thus far exist at the base of the mountains. Home to all manner of thieves bandits and exiles alike, they are a very dangerous place. Warnings are issued to any bold enough to venture in of beasts both natural and constructed by the criminals calling the tunnels home.

Savki-Oro, the center of the desert is home to what was once a thriving mecca and trading hub for the entire region. It fell in a battle so long ago that it is highly unlikely that anyone alive would have knowledge of it’s origins or downfall. Many are drawn to it’s ruined towers and fallen arches in search of fortune or knowledge, however there have been no reported successful excavations of any noteworthy relics so far.

Regional Tribes:

Only two true goblin tribes of significant size currently reside in the Quen Caliphate as far as any kingdom is currently aware.

Ede-bali, a semi-nomadic tribe of shamanistic goblins that split apart from the Dushara tribe and continue to wander the desert in search of a paradise. Interestingly they often allow outsides to travel with them as honorary tribe-members called “Bolek”. The elder shaman will however warn any newcomer that the journey will be arduous and even go so far as to admit that the concept of paradise may very well be in the journey itself.

Dushara, mountain tribe of goblins originally a part of the Ede-Bali that splintered due to religious aspects. While the Ede-Bali firmly believe the gods meant for them to reside in the desert and would one day find a paradise there, the Dushara took on a more realistic and less metaphorical view. They retreated into the mountains to avoid the harsh sand storms and lack of water present in the vast desert. However when the Ede-Bali are near the mountains they are currently on civil terms as far as trading resources.

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Quen Caliphate

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