Different regions have different titles (descending order):

The Kingdom of Sircrugmawr:
King – Duke – Graf – Baron – Lord – Ser

Old Lance – Silver Lance – First Lance – Lance – Spur – Brother

Kasre’n Otren
High King/Mortal Sword – Shield Anvil – Destriant – Ruth ((pronounced Root) Lord) – Warden (City Leader) – Ruth’an (old lord) – Ban

Feltroan Principalities
King – Marquis – Count – Viscount – Master – Titles in the Principalities do not hold as much weight as elsewhere as there is almost no state control so many promote themselves to ranks they technically do not own.

Loch Kruchjac Republic
Gravmoch (King) – Dunstan (Man) these titiles refer to position within the family and community rather than all Dwarfkind, so a Gravmoch is the head of his family but might be a Dunstan on his street council with an older Dwarf taking the Gravmoch title.

Neff Tribes
Simply refer to function in society and are more descriptors than social titles in a hierarchy.

Cities of Hope
Doge – Elector – Noble

Various elected Magistrates – Basileus (General) – Boule (council)


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