The gods are generally divided into three categories: Primordials, Elders, and Ascended. Primordials are the original spirits of the world and can be found most places. There are four major Primordials who embody the classic elements of earth, fire, water, and air. The Elders came from a variety of places. Some were the first of their species and ascended, others were born from the recognition of a need for a force to oversee an element of existance, and still others have no understandable creation and just are. Overall they usually are associated with a larger idea or force such as Fate. Ascended are the current panteon and consist for the most part of the children of the Elders, and mortals who ascended to god-hood. The Ascended focus more on elements and ideas that were brought about by civilization and recognized as forces, such as Honour, Justice, etc. It should be noted that not all those that appear on the Ascended list are actual gods.

Primordials: (names unpronouncable but literal translations given)
Water that pounds rock and drowns fire
Fire that destroys and dances
Earth that shakes and provides sure footing
Air that hides behind clouds

Elders: (known)

| Draconus – God of Destruction. Greatsword
Domains: Destruction, Charm, Pride, Law
| Ten’denu – Goddess of Fire. Longsword
Domains: Fire, Destruction, Planning, Pact
| Luminaric – God of Light. Lance/Spear
Domains: Sun, Good, War, Envy
| Gilgamatreonne – Goddess of Life. Warhammer/natural
Domains: Destruction, Fury, Good, War
| Tlec’mapt – God of Fate. Heavy Flail
Domains: Fate, Luck, Chaos, Competition
| Oscormenos – God of Sky. Flail
Domains: Air, Good, Celerity, Travel
| Braken Toll – God of the Forest. Handaxe
Domains: Plants, Animals, Evil, Hatred
| Krull – God of Magic. Falchion
Domains: Magic, Domination, Chaos, Planning
| Paleil Drummetene – Goddess of Earth. Sap
Domains: Life, Earth, Good, Oracle
| Mael – God of Seas. Spear/Trident
Domains: Water, Storm, Destruction, Good
| Plainswalker – God of Unknown. Scimitar
Domains: Travel, Knowledge, Dream, Undeath
| Felmae Uraste – Goddess of Shadow. Spear
Domains: Shadow, Renewal, Evil, Liberation
| Heara Rimastare – Goddess of Dark. Dagger
Domains: Darkness, Family, Good, Time


| Caelon Tir – God of Light. Mace
Domains: Law, Sun, Inquisition, Truth, Healing
| Mtendre – Goddess of Beast. Shortbow
Domains: Animal, Elf, Evil, Wrath
| Ursch – God of Orcs. Greatclub
Domains: Orc, Mind, Endurance, Good
| Sumakir – God of Illusion and Revelry. Improvised
Domains: Gluttony, Chaos, Competition, Joy
| Ronanascion – God of Hate. Shortsword
Domains: Trickery, Evil, Envy, Hatred
| Zurn Kramar – God of Dwarves. Dwarven Waraxe
Domains: Dwarf, Metal, Good, Pride, Rune, Liberation
| Adis-Udin – God of Wealth and Thieves. Kukri
Domains: Liberation, Wealth, Greed, Knowledge, Chaos
| Annascrenne – Goddess of Love. Rapier
Domains: Charm, Lust, Good, Sun
| Reach – God of Travel. Longbow
Domains: Travel, Healing, Glory, Herald, Trade
| Calphias – God of Farming. Longsword
Domains: Time, Community, Plant, Good, Protection
| Mlec Rudi – God of Goblins. Dagger
Domains: Chaos, Magic, Envy, Competition
| Oisoricra Tulachmet – Goddess of Poverty. Club
Domains: Suffering, Wealth, Pride, Hunger, Chaos
| Cronar Dead – Ascended but not god
| Mackret – Goddess of Madness. Shortsword
Domains: Chaos, Madness, Lust, Magic
| Eise – Goddess of Pestilence and Disease. Scythe
Domains: Suffering, Pestilence, Pleasure, Charm
| Trake – God of War. Greatsword
Domains: War, Law, Strength, Nobility
| Rook – God of Death. Greataxe
Domains: Death, Necromancy, Healing, Chaos, Cold, Undeath
| Pale Tear – God of Tragedy and Vengeance. Greatsword
Domains: Suffering, Retribution, Pain, Travel, Law
| Pharkrun Ruin – God of Invention. Crossbow
Domains: Creation, Craft, Inquisition, Mind, Good
| Drubacrumesh – Goddess of Spiders. Net
Domains: Healing, Undeath, Magic, Knowledge, Spider
| Dracan Torn – God of Luck. Shortbow
Domains: Trickery, Luck, Chaos, Balance
| Tulamas Breach – God of Command and Leadership. Halberd
Domains: Nobility, Glory, Planning, Earth, Law
| Kreonominar – God of Tyranny. Mace
Domains: Tyranny, Chaos, Might
| Jeru – God of Halflings. Pick
Domains: Good, Glory, Time, Mysticism, Halfling
| Gutrek Morn – God of War. Blade
Domains: War, Nobility, Nature, Bestial, Pact, Chaos
| Fulgrim Bode – God of War. Bastardsword
Domains: War, Pride, Strength, Destruction
| Enuwalios Kore – Goddess of Hearth/Family. Morningstar
Domains: Family,
| Culhwch – God of Teblor and Courage. Falchion
Domains: Good, Strength, Glory, Healing
| Breckt – God of Discipline and Will. Bastardsword
Domains: Evil, Law, Spell, Fury, Strength
| Dema Sol – Goddess of Moon. Shortsword
Domains: Inquisition, Moon, Portal, Good, Time
| Iscaraal – God of Shadow. Quarterstaff
Domains: Trickery, Knowledge, Shadow, Magic, Planning
| Varrus Barbatus – God of the Forge. Warhammer
Domains: Metal, Strength, Craft, Knowledge
| Quernez Fault – Goddess of the Holy Desert. Scimitar
Domains: Sun, Death, Earth, Protection
| Ungrain – Goddess of Giants. Heavy flail
Domains: Destruction, War, Chaos, Cavern
| Yuxohlmadre – Goddess of Dreams. Longsword
Domains: Dreams, Oracle, Mind, Celerity, Good
| Reave – God of Assassins. Dagger/Whip
Domains: Protection, Pact, Liberation, Shadow
| Marai – Lady of Waves. Longsword
Domains: Ocean, Water, Protection, Cold, Travel


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